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SBICSmall Business Investment Company
SBICScsi Bus Interface Controller
SBICSustainable Buildings Industry Council
SBICSingapore Bioimaging Consortium (Singapore)
SBICStandard Bank Investment Corporation (South Africa)
SBICSchool Bus Information Council
SBICSaudi Basic Industries Corporation
SBICShared Bus Interface Controller
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SBICs serve an important function in providing capital and support to these small businesses, but there are currently none here in Washington state.
The Merchant Banking division includes Opus Equity Partners, LLC, the advisor to the Opus Bank-sponsored private equity SBIC Fund that provides growth capital to successful and dynamic companies in need of a capital solution beyond what is customarily available from traditional bank sources.
After receiving approval from US regulators, Opus Bank (NASDAQ: OPB) is to apply for an SBIC license.
In 2011, having slowed the losses of the Participating Securities SBIC program (17) and in reaction to the recent economic slowdown, the SBA reconsidered the option.
The SBA said 30 new debenture and unleveraged SBIC licenses were issued in FY 2012, exceeding last year's total of 22 by 36%.
In addition to record funds provided to small businesses in FY 2011, the SBIC program also hit a record high in SBA capital commitments to the program to the tune of $1.
The SBIC Web site will be updated with the jury announcement and details about the Capitol Hill briefing.
SBICs have a decided advantage over other non-SBIC investment funds seeking to tap into the opportunities now available to small businesses.
National research shows that the three major causes of fuel poverty are low incomes, high fuel costs, and poor quality housing with low energy efficiency, all of which are widespread in the areas where SBIC provides primary care GP services.
Hard copies of the book can still be purchased from the SBIC Web site (www.
Having a separate SBIC entity was too costly and it wasn't efficient.
The former municipal court judge had used the leverage--the SBA's agreement to loan $2 or $3 for every dollar contributed by the SBIC -- to make $250,000 in loans to Southloop Construction Co.