SBIDASmall Business Institute Directors Association (Clinton, MS)
SBIDASmall Business Innovation Development Act
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In March 1991, $200,000 in federal funding was granted to the national center, with which SBIDA set up a Small Business Advancement Network, a computer database that links all local centers.
The national center's main functions are to keep all SBIDA local centers abreast of current issues and to research and develop SBIDA projects.
Of the 11 other SBIDA centers in Arkansas, Bradley says the one at UCA is by far the most active.
Bradley and Saunders use the SBIDA program in their upper-level business courses.
Each team is assigned a case, a small business that is seeking help from the SBIDA.
Currently, Bradley incorporates SBIDA casework into a graduate-level seminar on marketing.
Herff Moore, professors of marketing and management, also incorporate SBIDA cases into some of their coursework.
The benefits of the SBIDA program are twofold, according to Bradley.
According to Bradley, SBIDA does not encounter the problem of businesses questioning the judgment of students.
Bradley says the SBIDA currently is helping a number of countries set up their own programs.
Also, SBIDA does not publicly solicit clients -- they don't need to.
Currently, the government contributes $500 per case to universities with SBIDA centers.