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SBIGSanta Barbara Instrument Group (California)
SBIGShahid Bakeri Industrial Group (Iran)
SBIGShaheen Business and Investment Group
SBIGSubject Based Information Gateway(s)
SBIGShell Beach Improvement Group (Shell Beach, CA)
SBIGSalomon Broad Investment Grade Index
SBIGSocial Behavior Interest Group (Ohio)
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More recently, Simon Cowell has made it clear he thinks X Factor contestants John and Edward have SBIG potential and that alone may be enough to keep them in the show until the bitter end.
The world of art and entertainment is packed with SBIG potential.
Rather than an indicative SBIG budget of pounds 71m in 2004-5, local authorities can currently expect to receive no more than this year's allocation of pounds 52m.
In further support of the rebuilding of Iraq, SBIG is helping manage the Iraq police-training program in Jordan where 32,000 Iraqi police are expected to be trained over the next two years.
SBIG is a diverse multinational family of companies, including CEMEX Global, based in Washington, DC, with operations in engineering and construction, telecommunications, information technology, transportation, automobile trading and assembly, logistics and fuel supply.
He stacked a series of 2 minute RGB-filtered exposures using a SBIG STL 11000M camera on a 130mm f/6 refractor.
A Meade 10-inch GOTO Telescope and SBIG XT9XE CCD camera which were ordered in 2006 were delivered in February 2007.
Starting in October 2007, the professor of physics at Central Michigan University, USA, captured the images using a SBIG STL-11000 camera at favoured dark-sky locations in Africa and North America.
A main camera, SBIG STL-1001E, (6) with a controllable Peltier cooler, for long exposure, high resolution imaging and photometry.
A guiding camera, SBIG ST-402ME, (6) with controllable Peltier cooler, for accurate guiding of the mount.
Paul and Liz Downing imaged M17 from their observatory in southern Spain, also in 2010 July, using a Celestron C14 at f/7 and SBIG ST10-XE CCD.
Even SBIG cameras, which combined an autoguider and imaging CCD in the same unit, seemed illsuited since their large packaging would obstruct too much of the telescope's aperture.