SBIPScience-Based Industrial Park (Hsinchu, Taiwan)
SBIPSmall Business Incubator Program (Australian government)
SBIPSuper Boat International Productions, Inc.
SBIPSmall Business Insurance Policy
SBIPSocial Business Incubation Program (International Society for Small and Medium Enterprises)
SBIPSwiss Banking IT Platform
SBIPSBI Plus Current NAC
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The SBIP will support the gate replacement works to improve the
Considering the importance of maintaining the implant's bond with the bone, we suggested adding side elements (fins) to the SBIP porous composite implant [34] to better fix the implant.
The current article presents the results of an animal study aimed at evaluating the process of bone reconstruction in the precut slots of the bone walls after implantation of the SBIP with side fins (SBIP-3).
Abbreviations: BA = bone area, BIC = bone-implant contact, DSA = direct skeletal attachment, FEA = finite element analysis, H&E = hematoxylin and eosin, IS = implant surface, MMA = methyl methacrylate, ROI = region of interest, rTtBIC = regional total bone in contact with implant, SBIP = skin and bone integrated pylon, SBIP-3 = SBIP with side fins.
This article briefly reviews historical trends in sex offender treatment, differentiates our Sexual Behavior Intervention Program (SBIP) from Sex Offender Treatment (SOT), and outlines the curriculum for SBIP so that treatment providers can deliver a targeted intervention rooted in restorative justice.
The SBIP grew out of a prosecuting attorney's 2002 request for a treatment option based on the Ohio Revised Code's Pre-Trial Diversion Program (Ohio Revised Code, 2002).
The SBIP is an option for males accused of sexual misconduct who are deemed at low risk for recidivism.
By our estimates, the modulus of the totally porous SBIP is three times higher than the modulus of the bone [6], as confirmed by Lee and colleagues [26], but three times lower than the solid devices in the prior art, even when a porous coating is applied.
Abbreviations: 3-D = three-dimensional, CT = computed tomography, FEA = finite element analysis, MMA = methyl methacrylate, SBIP = skin and bone integrated pylon, SEM = scanning electron microscope.
Outcomes of 2004-2008 studies on skin and bone integrated pylon (SBIP).