SBIRSSpace-Based Infrared System
SBIRSSpace Based Infra-Red Surveillance
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Air Force and industry teammates for their outstanding partnership in successfully delivering SBIRS to orbit today.
ET and last 40 minutes for the launch of the Space Based Infrared System GEO Flight 4 known as SBIRS.
The SBIRS program delivers timely, reliable and accurate missile warning and infrared surveillance information to the President of the United States, the Secretary of Defense, combatant commanders, the intelligence community and other key decision makers.
Immature technology and ill-defined objectives for SBIRS caused two breaches of the Nunn-McCurdy Amendment (limiting the cost of weapons procurement) in 2001 and 2005, causing Congress to consider cancelling the program.
Like SBIRS, we put AEHF 5 and 6 on contract as a block buy.
This problem largely came about because of the multiyear schedule slippages but also because some of the parts are unique to SBIRS and have only a single supplier or no source.
By providing timely and accurate missile warning and defense information, SBIRS is vitally important for protecting the United States, its forces and its allies against missile attacks.
However, the Brilliant Pebbles, the STSS, the ABL, the SBIRS high, the National Polar-orbiting Operational Environmental Satellite System (NPOESS), the advanced extremely high frequency (EHF), the wideband gap filler, the evolved expendable launch vehicle (EELV), the space radar, and the transformational satellite (TSAT) experiences should temper enthusiasm for racing to space as these complex systems are costly, challenging, and risky as shown in table 2.
SBIRS High, the nation's next-generation missile warning system and a critical element of missile defense, will feature a communications subsystem successfully developed and tested at Lockheed Martin's facilities in Newton, PA, and delivered to its Space Systems Co.
He said the USAF has adopted significant reforms over the past year, reforms that he believes will prevent a repeat of the problems the Air Force experienced with the SBIRS program.
2003c, Defense Acquisitions: Despite Restructuring, SBIRS High Program Remains at Risk of Cost and Schedule Overruns, United States General Accounting Office Report to the Subcommittee on Strategic Forces, Committee on Armed Services, U.
The Silicon Graphics(R) Onyx2(R) visualization systems used in the SBIRS mobile ground stations require modification to meet military requirements for form, fit and function.