SBIRS HIGHSpace Based Infrared System High orbit (DISA)
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The expectations of TSPR by the SBIRS High PM and the Lockheed Martin contract administrator are very similar to the previously addressed programs.
As the party that has been given TSPR, the contractor has translated the government's expectations into its own vision for SBIRS High development.
Lockheed Martin recognizes the shortcomings mentioned by the SBIRS High PM and did not shy away from this fact.
The prospect for placing TSPR in future government contracts is cautiously optimistic after reading the response from the SBIRS High PM.
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In an effort to get the SBIRS High program on track, the most recent program restructuring provided contractor incentives and oversight measures, as recommended by the Independent Review Team.
"The desired outcome should be allowing the contractor flexibility" and the "government taking the insight and facilitator roles more strongly and the removal of direct government oversight and inter-agency coordination," states SBIRS High program manager Lt Col Michael J.
O'Byrne, SBIRS High contract administrator, states that Lockheed TSPR is "a continuation of its long standing role as an integrating contractor designing, developing, integrating, testing, and deploying large complex space and related systems." (23) As long as the government continues with TSPR, Lockheed Martin expects to be able to produce cheaper and better integrated systems.
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