SBIRS LOWSpace Based Infrared System Low orbit (DISA)
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SBIRS Low is a critical piece of America's missile defense architecture," said Patrick Caruana, TRW vice president and SBIRS Low program manager.
Last year, the TRW/Raytheon team completed the requirements definition phase of SBIRS Low.
The performance of Rockwell Scientific's VLWIR sensor chip assemblies affirms their position as a key player and their capabilities to perform on the upcoming development phase of the SBIRS Low program," said Steve Nordel, Raytheon's SBIRS Low Program Executive.
We have developed an affordable, flexible architecture to meet evolving threats, drawing on the extensive domain knowledge and truly innovative thinking of our world-class team," said Pat Caruana, vice president and program manager, SBIRS Low.
SBIRS Low will consist of a constellation of satellites equipped with infrared sensors capable of observing ballistic missiles in all phases of flight.
We've provided a thorough description of how SBIRS Low will perform its additional missions based on the architectures developed for the system's primary mission, missile defense," said Patrick Caruana, vice president and program manager, SBIRS Low.
The TRW/Raytheon team was awarded the 38-month PDRR contract last August to define requirements and complete conceptual designs for an operational SBIRS Low system.
SBIRS Low will provide precision tracking for national and theater missile defense throughout a missile's trajectory, including discrimination of mid-course objects.
We are pleased to welcome Aerojet to our SBIRS Low team.
Caruana will lead the TRW/Raytheon team during PDRR to define program requirements, perform ground demonstrations and complete conceptual designs for the SBIRS Low system.
The TRW/Raytheon team was one of two contractor teams selected to define program requirements and complete conceptual designs for an operational SBIRS Low system under a 38-month contract.
Signal Technology's Arizona Operation & Space Center has designed and manufactured DC-to-DC power converters, power control and conversion assemblies, and microwave frequency sources and subassemblies for programs such as IRIDIUM, Milstar II, NEAR, MSX, GPS IIF, SPACE STATION FREEDOM, SBIRS Low, TEMPO, MABUHYSAT and other commercial and military satellites.