SBISSociedade Brasileira de Informática em Saúde
SBISStanford-Binet Intelligence Scale (intelligence testing)
SBISSustainable Building Information System
SBISSustaining-Base Information Services
SBISSustaining Base Information System
SBISSmall Business Impact Statement (various governments)
SBISSwath Bathymetric and Imaging System
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SBIS provides bandwidth service to the Internet Network of Arkansas, which coordinates and maintains state government Web sites.
As such, DIS works directly with SBIS and other technology vendors.
Locke was the chief scientist at the Lockheed Martin Systems Solutions organization; prior to that role, he was the chief scientist of Lockheed Martin's Software & Systems Resource Center, working with a wide range of applications including space (both ground based and flight), aircraft, shipboard, submarine, command & control, and information systems, such as SBIRS, SBIS, Air Traffic Control, GPS, various avionics systems, CCTT, LAMPS, and AWACS.
Rick Burris, lead consultant for SBIS of CMTC will lead the workshop.
The alliance with TELACU Community Capital and Southern California Edison will broaden our ability to reach those small businesses in the Los Angeles area that most benefit from our help," says Rick Burris, lead consultant with SBIS of CMTC.
An amalgamation of the Swaziland Television Authority (STVA), a parastatal organisation that rund Swazi TV and SBIS, is likely to go through and the new operation will be recognized as a public broadcaster and deal with all state-owned radio and television operations in the country.
At present, SBIS is a government department under Ndlangamandla's ministry whereas Swazi TV is by now a public enterprise.
Partnering with Lockheed Martin Federal Systems, Cabletron supplies the Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines and other government agencies with the industry's leading network products via the SBIS contract.
SBIS is an Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quality (IDIQ) contract which is open to all Department of Defense organizations.