SBJVSudbury Basin Joint Venture
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(here SF = stem formative (+ class number), PST -- past, IND = indicative, PL = plural, PRS = present, SG = singular, SBJV = subjunctive, 1 = first person, 3 = third person).
SBJV -1PL compreende-r qual se-ria-O a visao de mundo understand -INF what be-FUT.COND-3SG the view of world implicada naquela vivencia daquele sujeito implied in that experience of life of that person 'Then, this leads us ...
Appendix: List of Abbreviations 1 first person M masculine 2 second person NMIZ nominalizer 3 third person PL plural AUX auxiliary PRF perfect DUR durative PRS present F feminine PROG progressive FUT future PST past IND indicative PTCP participle INF infinitive REFL reflexive IPFV imperfective SBJV subjunctive IRR irrealis SG singular Acknowledgements