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SBKSvenska Brukshundklubben
SBKSnowboard Kids (gaming)
SBKSend Break Code
SBKSystem Builder'S Kit
SBKSound Blaster Bank
SBKStichting Bouwkwaliteit (Dutch)
SBK[not an acronym] (trademark of Infront Motor Sports S.r.l., FIM Superbike World Championship proprietor)
SBKShort Bus Kids
SBKSouth Brooklyn Railway Company
SBKSingle Below Knee (amputation)
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We view SBK as a strategically important subsidiary of SBG, despite operating outside of the group's home market of South Africa.
The mean total decentration was 0.27 [+ or -] 0.09 mm (range, 0.01-0.76) in the SMILE group and 0.32 [+ or -] 0.14 mm (range, 0.02-0.89) in the SBK group at 6 months postoperatively.
The one-notch differential between Sberbank's and SBK's IDRs reflects the cross-border ownership, some operational independence of the Kazakh subsidiary and SBK's so far limited contribution to Sberbank's operations (less than 2% of consolidated assets), although Fitch understands that Sberbank considers development of SBK an important part of its international expansion.
SBK 2011 is an enjoyable foray into the motorbike world, even for biking novices like myself.
According to the analysts, Sberbank is seen to have a high propensity to back SBK given the full ownership, common branding, small relative size of the unit and hence moderate cost of any potential support, as well as Sberbank's strategic interest in bankrolling its operations in countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS).
BEI which plans to grow the overall size of the market by capitalising on the expertise of BNH is developing the insurance industry combined with the business intelligence and management of Al Masaood Group and SBK Aman Holding.
A SBK needs to be applied to leaves - Root Out is best for stump killing.
Ocean View and SBK Holding will use their synergies to market Abu Dhabi's attractively priced properties, including some amazing waterfront developments, to high net worth individuals from the region and the globe.
The SBN incorporates a special geometry return tube within the nut to pick up and recirculate the balls to the beginning of the load zone, while the SBK employs an end cap method for recirculation.
The first algorithm uses Supernode-Bunch-Kaufman (SBK) pivoting and dynamically selects 1 x 1 and 2 x 2 pivots.
The Type SBK Caged Technology Ball Screw from THK America, Inc.
A The best way to kill the roots of any tree that has been felled is to clear as much soil as possible from around the stump, strip the bark from the stump and from as much of the roots as possible and paint the bare wood with SBK Brushwood Killer mixed into a wetting agent, such as dead oil or washing-up liquid.