SBLBSurveillance Bronchoscopic Lung Biopsy
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In Table 1 the relation between the different determinants and causes for unsatisfactory or SBLB smears are explored with univariate analysis.
SBLB results were significantly more frequently found in high-urbanization areas.
The crude and adjusted odds ratios comparing LBC with CP for the reasons for unsatisfactory and SBLB smears are also shown in Table 2.
In Table 3 the reductions in unsatisfactory and SBLB results for the various subcategories are shown.
Liquid-based cytology also reduced the proportion of SBLB but the relative impact was smaller.
Various subcategories of unsatisfactory and SBLB smears were shown to be impacted by urbanization level, age, study site, and study period.
A comparable reduction in the LBC arm was found for most SBLB subcategories, with the exception of SBLB ec-, which showed a statistically significant increase of 21.9%.
Only a few other studies have compared the causes for unsatisfactory and SBLB test results for LBC and CP.
LBCC denotes liquid-based cervical cytology; CPT, conventional Papanicolaou test; SBLB, satisfactory but limited by.
Also, compared with the CPT, LBCC effectively reduced the number of SBLB and unsatisfactory specimen adequacy reports.
Similarly, the reduced number of unsatisfactory and SBLB Pap tests using LBCC may contribute to the greater yield of SILs.