SBLCStandby Letter of Credit
SBLCSouth Baltimore Learning Center (Baltimore, MD)
SBLCSchool Building Level Committee
SBLCSmall Business Lending Companies
SBLCSustaining Base Level Computer
SBLCS-Band Linear Collider
SBLCSB Latex Council
SBLCStandard Base Level Computer
SBLCSchool Board of Levy County (Florida)
SBLCStandby Liquid Control (i.e., boron injection; nuclear power)
SBLCSouthern Baptist Leadership Conference
SBLCSudden Brake Lamp Controller
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The SBLC was recognized for its philanthropic contributions to Baltimore.
The companies also resorted to availing post-shipment finance by discounting "Export Bills" from one of the member banks, while pre-shipment finance was obtained from another member bank by way of SBLC, leading to double financing.
The reference stated the issue of SBLC had already been resolved at the previous ECC meeting of April 2009 chaired by the petitioner and that the MoWP summary dated August 17, 2009, to ECC was not formally concurred by the Ministry of Finance, however, Tarin did not object to this at the ECC meeting, misleading other ECC members.
The SBLC required under the concession agreement to cover any deficiency in MRG was not renewed in 2017 due to changes in the government administration.
At this important occasion, 6th SBLC shall provide an opportunity to engage both the political and business leaders to discuss deeper economic integration and explore new paths of sustained and inclusive economic growth for a prosperous and peaceful South Asia.
The features of the SBLC satisfy the key criteria required to achieve full credit substitution.
The ECC considered and approved the proposal from the Ministry of Finance for issuance of Letter of Comfort to National Bank of Pakistan or any other financial institution which would in turn issue Standby Letter of Credit (SBLC) for the comfort of commercial lenders of the Lahore Sialkot Motorway project.
The Secretary General said that all commitments by Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA) to provide standby letter of credit (SBLC) under the power purchase agreements (PPA) should be fully complied with.
SblC could only help performing this laborious task.
Ledesma defended that he had called up the issuer-bank of the standby letter of credit (SBLC) immediately upon learning that the tendered performance bond by winning bidder was invalid.
One notable practice particularly relevant to SMEs is the Small Business Lens Checklist (SBLC), which aims to reduce regulatory costs for small businesses.
NBAD's Business Banking Products & Services offerings include Current Accounts, Time Deposits, multi- currency Call Accounts, facilities against post-dated cheques and bills, Stand By Letters of Credit (SBLC).