SBLOCASmall-Break Loss-Of-Coolant Accident
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as a Figure of Merit for code comparison 1 RCS depressurization Break flow Single and two phase natural circulation Heat transfer in SG Loop seal formation and clearing Steam voiding in RCS Phase separation in RCS Core uncovery Core heat-up Cladding oxidation and hydrogen generation Core damage 2 Accumulator Accumulator discharge discharge rate and duration Core reflooding and quenching 3 Core heat-up and Core heat-up relocation to lower plenum Cladding oxidation and hydrogen generation Molten pool formation in the core and coolability Core relocation to lower plenum 4 Debris bed in lower Debris bed behaviour plenum in lower plenum RPV lower head failure Table 4: Timing of key events in the SBLOCA predicted by ASTEC and MAAP.
For the gradual RCS depressurization and intermittent accumulator discharge in SBLOCAs, isothermal expansion of the accumulator gas would be more appropriate [48].
SBLOCA Analysis and Comparison of Results Obtained from RELAP5-MV with NOTRUMP Code.
The results obtain from SBLOCA analysis using RELAP5-MV code in graphical form are compared with the Westinghouse results obtained through 10-inch small break LOCA analysis using NOTRUMP code.
The SBLOCA is simulated in one of the cold legs in nonpressurized side of the primary loop, with 10-inch break size.
RELAP5-MV is able to simulate a SBLOCA scenario in a similar manner to NOTRUMP code.
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