SBLPService-based Local Policy (3GPP)
SBLPService-Based Local Policy
SBLPSmall Business Loan Program (various organizations)
SBLPSelf Help Group Bank Linkage Programme
SBLPSwindon Borough Local Plan (UK)
SBLPSimplified Bank Loan Participation Plan
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SBLP is promoted and financed by government organizations and NGOs.
In Haryana, SBLP is the leading microfinance movement closely followed by SGSRY/NRLM/Aajeevika in terms of SHGs formed and loan disbursement.
A comparison of the SGSY and SBLP show that the number of SHGs under both are decreasing at a decreasing rate since 2008-09, more so in the case of SGSY.
The share of public commercial banks and RRBs in loan disbursals in the SBLP programme, especially to women SHGs is on a decline.
Of this 75 per cent are accounted for by SBLP, 20 per cent by large MFIs and five per cent by medium and small MFIs.
Of these models under the Self-Help Group Bank Linkage Programme (SBLP), the Model II Viz, SHGs promoted by NGOs/ Government agencies and financed by banks has emerged as the most dominant model in case of India.
- City of Saint Brevin les Pins 921 trips to sports complex, 362 trips to media, cinejade, tennis (to SBLP to school activities SBLP)