SBMASubic Bay Metropolitan Authority
SBMASanta Barbara Museum of Art (California)
SBMASpinal and Bulbar Muscular Atrophy
SBMASpinobulbar Muscular Atrophy
SBMASouthern Building Material Association
SBMASteel Bar Mills Association
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For the Nova Scotia portion of the auction, Shawn Thompson, a representative of SBMA Canada, will be onsite at the facility in Nova Scotia to assist with the auction.
SBMA, unique among the polyQ diseases by virtue of its X-linked mode of inheritance, is also the target of novel therapeutic strategies involving androgen deprivation, but with limited efficacy to date.
However, there is no study that has identified factors affecting FDIs for Philippine investment promotional agencies (IPAs) particularly that of SBMA for Subic Bay Freeport Zone (Subic Bay).
The transformation of Subic Bay from a naval base into a special economic zone was the vision of Richard Gordon, former mayor of nearby Olongapo City and now SBMA Chairman.
Roberto Garcia, incumbent SBMA chairman earlier said he wanted to develop tourism in Subic, but added the defence department has other plans at Subic's airport.
Placing digital signs in high traffic areas is a smart and strategic move for the SBMA Tourism Department to reach a wide audience and attract more visitors to tourist sites.
As per to SBMA, it recently allowed EPI to acquire a 90-percent stake in Jobin-SQM Inc.
Glenn Defense, a civilian contractor of the US Navy, is based within SBMA, and assessment of its action is within SBMA's authority, explained Edilberto Adan, executive director of the Presidential Commission on the Visiting Forces Agreement (VFACom).
The SBMA funds quarterly payments to about 63,000 retired educators and their survivors when inflation erodes their monthly benefits below 80 percent of their original consumer purchasing power.
In 2003, Governor Gray Davis signed Senate Bill 20, which withheld a $500 million payment to the SBMA that year.
SBMA president and administrator Roberto Garcia, said that the agency was drawing up the expansion plan after the Trade Department projected a doubling of shipments.
The SBMA currently funds quarterly payments to approximately 63,000 retired educators and their survivors when inflation erodes their monthly benefit below 80 percent of its original consumer purchasing power.