SBMBStructural Biology and Molecular Biophysics (various schools)
SBMBSnohomish Basin Mitigation Bank (Washington)
SBMBSupervisory Bus Monitor Buffer
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1, showing AFM images corresponding to a thin film of SBM-1 triblock copolymer prepared from a chloroform solution, and predicted from the solubility parameters mentioned above, the SBM-1 tri-block copolymer assembles into a lamellar morphology with a SBMB sequence (schematic representation shown in Fig.
Besides distinguishing PS and PMMA phases (denoted as A and B, respectively), the SBMB periodic length was calculated to be of around 80 nm from the following equation [14]:
(a) AFM height (left) and phase (right) images of SBM-1 triblock copolymer thin film prepared from chloroform solution, (b) Schematic representation of SBMB sequence of lamellar morphology.