SBMHSchool-Based Mental Health
SBMHSoybean Meal with Hulls
SBMHSimple Box Model Hack (CSS)
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Key stakeholders in SBMH programs include administrators, school personnel, clinicians, families, and students.
This pilot program encompassed all parts of the recommended SBMH model, including partnerships and services for all youth on a continuum of mental health needs (Paternite, 2005).
This article describes the process of establishing the SBMH partnership and presents initial quantitative results from the pilot year.
The SBMH pilot project was developed using a community engagement framework for collaboration between the systems.
The SBMH program manager, who was an LME employee designated to work full-time on the project, had multiple years of experience practicing in the community, was highly regarded within the community, and was very familiar with the neighborhood that the school served.
During the pilot year, the SBMH project took place in one elementary school located in the southeastern United States.
The sample for the current study consisted of sixty-one students who were referred to the SBMH program during the pilot year.
Prior to the beginning of the pilot year, a data collection plan established that the target school would collect and maintain data on student attendance, dates of initial referrals to the SBMH program, SBMH program meetings for each student case, discipline incidents involving students in the SBMH program, and end of grade test scores.
Because the comparison school was not included in the SBMH program from the beginning, researcher requests for data resulted in confusion and significant delays despite school district approval.
Frequency counts were implemented for qualitative variables, such as the list of agencies to which SBMH students were referred or the diagnoses received by SBMH students.
Of the sixty-one students referred to the SBMH program, fifteen received formal mental health diagnoses that were recorded in the SBMH program log.
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