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SBMLSystems Biology Markup Language
SBMLSystematic Botany and Mycology Laboratory
SBMLSmooth Bore Muzzle Loader (guns)
SBMLSingle Barrel Muzzle Loading (guns)
SBMLSingle Borrower, Multiple Lenders
SBMLState Bank of Mauritius, Ltd. (est. 1973)
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Another SBML fungi expert, Cathie Aime, is also busy finding and naming endophytes that could help protect the cacao crop.
SBML researchers are also shedding light on the potentially trade-restricting fungi of flowers of the family Proteaceae.
But an old favorite, the dogwood tree, has also benefited from the sleuthing of SBML.
Former SBML researcher Scott Redlin described the fungal pathogen, Discula destructiva, a previously unknown species, thereby laying the foundation for research on this important disease.
Hiroaki Kitano, a founding member of the SBML (Systems Biology Markup Language) Consortium.
Two sets of alternative SBML models (type II and type III models) were also coded to explore the effect of more complex metabolism.
A C language file coding the complete set of differential equations describing the joint transport and metabolism of the four substances ("global model," in the following) was automatically generated from the individual SBML metabolic pathway files and compiled by GNU MCSim (version 53.
SBML metabolism models were individually coded using CellDesigner[R] (version 4.
But the mycologists at SBML were not so sure that the beneficial biocontrol fungus T.
Says Gary Samuels, an SBML mycologist and world-renowned Trichoderma expert, "We suspected that the four biotypes identified as causing the green mold epidemic might not all be from the same species.
Department of Agriculture's Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) who works at SBML.
Researchers at SBML, including Jose Hernandez and Lisa Castlebury, as well as Palm, have since rectified that situation.