SBMNHSanta Barbara Museum of Natural History (California)
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Group 1: Helminthoglypta concolor (1): holotype, SBMNH 34947, "Tejon Canyon, 10.
Helminthoglypta greggi (2): topotypes, SBMNH 128018, "Soledad Peak" 11/26/1944.
Helminthoglypta isabella (3): SBMNH 72586, "along Highway 178, 3.
Helminthoglypta micrometalleoides (5): SBMNH 6885, "Red Mountain; in rockslides on N.
Miller, whereas, the SBMNH collection contains material identified as M.
Alden Miller apparently only saw the passerines in the SBMNH collection as most of the bones of this group at LACM, although sorted, have not been identified.
This species is represented by two mandibles and a coracoid in the SBMNH collections (No.
Alden Miller (1932) identified several bones of a large thrush in the SBMNH collection (SBMNH 801) as Turdus migratorius.
A maxilla in the SBMNH collections and several limb bones (SBMNH 812) are identical in size to Xanthocephalus xanthocephalus.
3, undated; SBMNH 110345, 1939; CAS 116957 through 116959, unrelated lots, all undated).
santarosana LACM152451 (2), CAS 112494 (2) Nucella canaliculata CAS 116961 Pteropurpura festiva LACM 152587, 152588 Heterobranchia Odostomia eucosmia LACM 81-47 Turbonilla kelseyi LACM 152442-152445 Opisthobranchia Polycera alabe Slides at CAS Bivalvia Musculus pygmaeus SBMNH 144900 (20), 144901 (20) Ophiuroidea Ophiactis simplex LACM 99-024.