SBMPSanta Barbara Music Publishing
SBMPScotchbond Multi-Purpose (3M)
SBMPStrategic Bushfire Management Plan (Australia)
SBMPStudio Babelsberg Motion Pictures GmbH (Germany)
sBMPSheep Bone Morphogenetic Protein
SBMPSouth Beach Marketing and Promotion, Inc.
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The SBMP is located in the Canadian Arctic islands, and consists of hypabyssal intrusive sheets and dykes, flood basalts, and central volcanoes that were emplaced during a period of approximately 60 Ma, starting in the Early Cretaceous.
A comparison of the attributes of the SBMP with the Noril'sk, Voisey's Bay and Midcontinent Rift regions, however, suggests many similarities.
We discuss the application of this exploration model to the SBMP, in light of the existing geochemical database, economic indicators, and remaining gaps in geoscience knowledge.