SBMUShahid Beheshti University of Medical Science
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Such as many other universities in the world, measurement and assessment of social accountability of education function in medical universities was determined as a part of strategic program of SBMU. The Steering Committee on measurement and instrument established to design, develop, and validate an instrument for measuring social accountability of education function of SBMU.
It is suggested that all managers related to education function at schools of SBMU to complete instrument for pilot testing and appropriateness analysis of the instrument in Iranian context.
Electronic auction: auction in electronic form on the provision of transport services by truck for the sbmu "mnpts narcology dzm" in 2018.
Electronic auction: replacement of elevators in the obstetric building of the sbmu of the pc "msu number 9" at the address: permsky krai, perm, ul.
Electronic auction: the auction in electronic form for the right to conclude a contract for the supply of office supplies for the sbmu "mnpts narcology dzm"
The consultant will work closely with national consultant counterparts (FM Analyst and PFM expert) to support and deliver a capacity assessment of SBMU S financial management system with a focus on accountability and transparency in line with the RBL guidelines for fiduciary assessment.