SBNISouthwestern Bell Network Integration
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Group (New Offices) 1 District * Coordination Coordination * Human Resource Management 2 Agriculture 3 Community * Community Development Organisation * Registration Office 4 Education 5 Finance and * Planning and Planning Development * Enterprise and Investment Promotion * Finance and Budget 6 Health Public Health 7 Information * Information Technology Technology Development * Information Technology Promotion * Database 8 Law Legal Advice and Drafting 9 Literacy * Literacy Campaigns * Continuing Education * Vocational Education 10 Revenue 11 Works and Energy (Micro energy Services development/ generation projects for use at local community level) Source: The SBNI District Government (Model) Rules of Business, 2001.
The Safe Guarding Board of Northern Ireland (SBNI) is tendering for Project Enablement Services to support the Early Intervention Transformation Programme%s (EITP) Trauma Informed Practice Project.
It has received Au49,000 from Invest Northern Ireland s Jobs Fund and Au30,000 from the Safeguarding Board for Northern Ireland (SBNI).