SBNMSStellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary
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In this study of shallow (27-46 m) SBNMS waters, Atlantic wolffish ranged from 59 cm TL (age 7) to 130 cm TL (Fig.
During the study period, bottom temperatures on the SBNMS where wolffish concentrations occurred ranged from 5[degrees]C to 7[degrees]C (Table 1).
It is possible that slightly younger fish were present in the SBNMS group but, because of gear selectivity, were excluded from the catch.
On the SBNMS during May-June, male Atlantic wolffish are larger (heavier and longer; Table 2) than females.
5 mm in diameter in all females (Table 4), it is clear that the SBNMS fish were mature.
Dietary differences may be a reflection of spatial differences in prey availability or ecological changes in the benthic community in the SBNMS area over the past 4 decades.