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SBOSAP Business One
SBOSuper Battle Opera (Japanese fighting video game tournament)
SBOSmall Bowel Obstruction
SBOSmall Business Owner
SBOSoybean Oil
SBOSky Box Office (UK pay TV)
SBOSmall Business Opportunity
SBOSenior British Officer
SBOSafari Books Online (Sebastopol, CA)
SBOSystems Biology Ontology
SBOService-Based Operator (telecommunications)
SBOSecundair Beroepsonderwijs (Dutch: Secondary Professional Education)
SBOSpecific Behavioral Objective
SBOShould Be One (electronics, when a set of bits should be on)
SBOSelect Before Operate (control and automation)
SbOSecurity By Obscurity
SBOStudent Body Officer
SBOSales-Based Ordering
SBOSenator Barack Obama
SBOSoil-Based Organism (probiotic bacteria)
SBOSpecial Bureau for the Oceans (IERS)
SBOSecondary Buy-Out (mergers & acquisitions)
SBOState Based Organisation
SBOSolo Business Owner
SBOSociété Belge d'Ostéopathie (French: Belgian Society of Osteopathy)
SBOStation Black Out (nuclear power plant)
SBOScottish Bibliographies Online (UK)
SBOSmall Block Oldsmobile (automotive engine)
SBOSide Band Only
SBOSound Board Operator (theatre)
SBOSafety By Observation
SBOSecond Bookable Offence (soccer foul)
SBOSuper Beetles Only (club)
SBOSean Bean Online (actor fansite)
SBOSituation, Behaviour, Outcome (work competency model)
SBOSupplied by Owner
SBOSafety Boat Operator (UK)
SBOSchool Board Office (various locations)
SBOSmall Branch Office (various companies)
SBOState Budget Office (various locations)
SBOStudent Body Organization (various locations)
SBOSmall Business Optimization (various companies)
SBOSuccessful Business Owner
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First, a SBO is different from other acquisitions in that it involves the migration of the same target company from one PE owner to another.
and restructuring of the company`s UK subsidiaries, SBO said.
The bypass procedure was complicated 2 years later by SBO secondary to an internal hernia, which required exploratory laparotomy and repair.
Sidel states that whatever the product, be it water, carbonated soft drinks, dairy products, detergents or cosmetics, the SBO Compact2 can blow simple or standard shapes using either PET or other plastics from 0.
5) SBO, classified as a "semi-drying" oil, is composed of both saturated and unsaturated fatty acids.
ADPnews) - Mar 10, 2011 - Austrian company Schoeller-Bleckmann Oilfield Equipment (WBAG:SBOE), or SBO, announced today its pre-tax profit in 2010 surged 82.
This new system is available in Options & Upgrades for all the most recent generations of SBO Universal blow moulders and will be available by the end of 2010 for all SBO Series2 and Combi machines.
However, polar compound levels for LLSBO and SBO were significantly higher than for either MOSBO or HSBO, indicating a lower oil fry life.
The variable asked how certain (from 0 to 100%) the SBO would have to be before he/she would claim an ambiguous deduction.
Preliminary data released today is from the 2012 SBO.
SBO said the market environment did not change at the turn of the year.