SBODSwitched Bunch of Disks (storage networking)
SBODSpecial Board of Directors
SBODStudent Board of Directors
SBODSoluble Biochemical Oxygen Demand (pollution indicator)
SBODState Board of Dentistry
SBODSpinning Beachball of Doom (Mac OS X)
SBODSettlement Balance Order Destined
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With switching, T1 has immediate access to HI, but T60 must work its request through each SBOD until it can present its request to H1.
Adding InSpeed (basically interconnecting every FC-AL disk tray to a Vixel "chip-switch"), arrays become a switched bunch of disks (Vixel here introduces yet another acronym: SBODs), yielding a three- to five-fold speed improvement.
With intra-shelf switching, embed a pair of switches into each JBOD, converting it into an SBOD (switched bunch of disks).
An inter-shelf switch will track any failure to a single shelf, and an SBOD will track any failure to a single disk slot.
The InSpeed SOC 422 is an embedded storage switch, providing 22 ports of connectivity in a highly integrated device that is ideal for implementing a wide variety of embedded storage applications, including SBODs (Switched Bunch of Disks), Root Switches and Fully Switched Architectures.
Ideal for use with 2.5-inch Small Form Factor disk drives, the SOC 422 can transform traditional JBOD (Just a Bunch Of Disks) configurations into highly reliable SBODs arrays, to deliver a fully switched infrastructure.