SBPOAShared Services and Business Process Outsourcing Association
SBPOASouth Beach Property Owners Association
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Advisory Clinics" give members the opportunity to pose questions on the SBPOA website directly to some of the most renowned thought leaders in the BPO and shared services industries, and receive answers from these pundits in a timely fashion.
It is available via the web and on CD-ROM for all SBPOA members.
SBPOA Web Site of the Week" - to help SBPOA web site visitors cut through the clutter to find the most valuable resources of BPO and shared services intelligence, the association will each week feature a particular organization's web site.
The SBPOA also anticipates increasing the depth and breadth of its U.
Said Andrew Kris, Chairman of the SBPOA: "The goal of SBPOA University is dramatically different than certification courses or process optimization or change management workshops offered by others.
SBPOA University's first set of educational offerings, available at the end of the first quarter of 2005, is the Shared Services Management Program.
Existing SBPOA research materials that support and augment the Shared Services Management Program include the SBPOA's Shared Services Annual Surveys 2001 and 2004, and the Shared Services Handbook.