SBREScenario Based Requirements Elicitation (computing)
SBRESanta Barbara Real Estate (Santa Barbara, California)
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The SBRE market offers that kind of solution, with no need to commit to an entire residential property alone, or deal with the upkeep headaches of making such an investment to do it.
There are risks to be sure, like any investment, but evaluated properly, there are many attractions to SBRE.
SBRE funds contain most of the elements that make investing attractive, and yet the general lack of awareness of SBRE funds and how they work among investors (and their traditional advisors) has created some major roadblocks.
Even once the floodgates are open, it will still take time for instruments like SBRE funds to be accorded the same respect as those in traditional investment.
As with any other investment area, participants will have to develop the ability to assess their options wisely, and tell the difference between smart and capable SBRE managers and the incompetent and potentially crooked ones.
Of course we know that the SBRE market, along with its advantages and disadvantages, will continue to evolve as there is more flexibility within both SBRE itself and other investment vehicles that will benefit from the advent of equity crowdfunding (e.
So far, the $150,000 Travelers grant has allowed SBRE to train participants (77 percent of whom are women and 70 percent of whom are minorities) about the safety risks associated with small business ownership, risk management and business continuity planning, and offered microloans to support capital investments related to risk management, sustainability and growth.
Some of the VEDC's projects besides SBRE are the SBA Women's Business Center, the San Fernando Valley Financial Development Corporation, the Los Angeles Business Source Center and the Pacoima Development Federal Credit Union.
Empowering Women and Minorities for Small Business Success Through the training, made possible by a $150,000 grant from Travelers, SBRE provided participants, 77 percent of whom are women, and 70 percent minorities, with:
Roberto Barragan, President & CEO of VEDC, said: "Our mission is to create and sustain jobs in our communities, so the SBRE program is a natural fit for us.
Travelers and Small Business Advocacy The Travelers SBRE program is just one of the many ways in which the company advocates for small business owners.
The SBRE program began in Los Angeles in early 2012 and Travelers plans to launch the program in Chicago in 2013.