SBRNSmall Business Resource Network
SBRNScottish Bioinformatics Research Network (est. 2005; UK)
SBRNSports Business Research Network (Jackson Library; Stanford Graduate School of Business; Stanford, CA)
SBRNSuperficial Branch of the Radial Nerve
SBRNSmall Business Referral Network
SBRNSingle Business Registration Number (Canadian government)
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To the extent the SBRN program represents the taxpayer's prime account and the various tax programs are administered by way of sub-account numbers, internal administration of corporate and payroll taxes, GST, nonresident withholding taxes, etc.
and the multiplicity of rules win greatly complicate administration of the SBRN system.
Based on the experience of our members with the administration of the Quebec Income Tax Act, TEI is less than sanguine about the potential netting of federal tax accounts within the SBRN.
TEI believes that the efficacy of the SBRN program would be enhanced if Revenue Canada assigns an account officer for each SBRN, at least in respect of large corporations.
In order to address any basic problems with conversion to SBRN, we will include existing companies by soliciting volunteers in the test areas.
We are currently developing a model for handling inquiries once SBRN is in place.