SBRPSuperfund Basic Research Program
SBRPSustainable Bioenergy Research Project (United Arab Emirates)
SBRPSupreme Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram (magic)
SBRPSonic Boom Research Project (US NASA)
SBRPSchachbund Rheinland-Pfalz
SBRPSouth Bend Raceway Park (North Liberty, IN)
SBRPSpecial Bridge Replacement Program
SBRPSmall Business Research Portal
SBRPSmall Business Reserve Program
SBRPScottish Borders Rural Partnership (UK)
SBRPSouthern Blue Ridge Province
SBRPSouthwest Border Region Partnership
SBRPSonic Boom Research Program
SBRPState Board Retirement Plan
SBRPSavings Benefit Restoration Plan
SBRPStandard Block-Replacement Policy
SBRPStandard Bank Research Portal
SBRPStarBED Resource Protocol
SBRPSmall Business and Research Policy (Canadian government)
SBRPSamahang Bangko Rural Ng Pangasinan
SBRPShellfish Bed Restoration Program
SBRPSanta Barbara Re-Entry Project
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SBRP experiments have been used to study a host of managerial issues.
SBRP experiments have likewise seen increasing deployment in marketing research.
Within operations and supply chain management, Mantel, Tatikonda and Liao (2006) used an SBRP experiment to show how perceptions of supply risk and the degree of core competence affect decisions by supply managers to choose between in-sourcing versus outsourcing of the manufacture of a product component.
In an SBRP experiment, because the levels of factors of interest are conveyed through varying versions of a descriptive vignette, the design (i.
We propose that a researcher (or a research team) consider three stages in creating the vignette to be deployed in an SBRP experiment.
The SBRP team will focus on an integrated seawater agriculture systems (ISAS) approach, which is a highly efficient system for producing liquid and solid biofuels, capturing and holding carbon from the atmosphere, enlarging habitats to increase biodiversity, and simultaneously releasing fresh water for higher value uses such as drinking water.
As part of its initial work statement, the SBRP will undertake research projects that combine the arid, saline-rich environment of Abu Dhabi with innovative saltwater farming practices.
Margaret James also spoke about the bioavailability of superfund chemicals and the research she is leading as part of the UF SBRP.
The results of their action plans will be presented to the SBRP scientists, students and teachers from across the state at the Florida Junior Science, Engineering, and Humanities Symposium (JSEHS), hosted by UF CPET in February at UF.
Henry's primary role has been to initiate the SBRP's new Individual Research Project Program, which is designed to address specific issues that complement the multiproject research programs, meet high-priority research needs of the SBRP, or tackle issues of emerging concern.
The SBRP presents this annual award to an outstanding scholar to pay tribute to the life and scientific accomplishments of Dr.