SBRSSanta Barbara Remote Sensing
SBRSSkip Barber Racing School
SBRSSkip If Bit in Register Set (processor instruction)
SBRSSenderBase Reputation Score (IronPort)
SBRSSelf-help Broadcasting Reception Scheme (Australia)
SBRSSouth Birmingham Radio Society
SBRSSchool of Basic and Remedial Studies (Gombe State University; Nigeria)
SBRSSocial Behavior Rating Scale
SBRSSelective B-Mode Receiving Station
SBRSSri Bhuvanendra Residential School (India)
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For the radiometric measurement comparison described in this paper, the sphere was located in the Optics Lab of the SBRS facility in Goleta, California.
To meet the MODIS spectral radiance calibration uncertainty specification of [+ or -] 5% (k = 1), SBRS calculated that the spectral radiance calibration uncertainty of the SIS 100 must be less than [+ or -] 3% (k = 1).
For the April 1998 SIS100 calibration, the sphere was operated by Raytheon SBRS in the following manner.
The multiple lamp wattage-type operational approach differed from the approach used by SBRS prior to April 1998 in calibrating the SIS100 for the MODIS Terra and ETM+ satellite instruments.
For the brightest level, (10-9-11), the SBRS values in the visible/near infrared extend from 360 nm to 900 nm in 1 nm intervals.
The VXR was calibrated in advance of the SBRS comparison using a NIST integrating sphere source, model number OL420, manufactured by Optronic Laboratories, Incorporated.
The radiometric measurement comparison at SBRS in May 1998 was the first field deployment of the SWIXR.
The wavelength spacings provided by SBRS in the spectral radiance curves do not match the wavelength spacings for the transfer radiometers.
4), the SBRS spectral radiances were matched to the wavelength intervals of the transfer radiometers using cubic spline interpolation.
Participants began arriving at Raytheon SBRS and setting up equipment during working hours on May 11.
1 we wanted to examine the validity of the SBRS identical-wattage method of assigning spectral radiance values, which assumes separate measurements for configurations utilizing lamps of the same wattage (either 200 W, 45 W, or 8 W), when added are the same as the spectral radiances when all of the corresponding lamps are illuminated.
The company has generated SBRS scores for thousands of small businesses and facilitated over $30 million in business fundraising projects since 2008.