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SBSPSpongeBob SquarePants (cartoon character/ TV show)
SBSPSpace Based Solar Power
SBSPSecretaría de Bienestar Social de La Presidencia (Spanish: Social Welfare Department of the Presidency; Guatemala)
SBSPStep by Step Procedure (Optimum Methods and Solutions Ltd; est. 1993; Tel Aviv, Israel; route planning)
SBSPSingle Base Solid Propellant
SBSPGuarulhos, Sao Paulo, Brazil - Aeroporto Internacional de Sao Paulo (Airport Code)
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Overview of SBSP instruments and documents (subdivided over different phases) Phase Instrument/Documents Programming --Country Strategy Paper (CSP) --National Indicative programme (NIP) Identification --Identification fiche Formulation --Action fiche --Assessment of sector programme Financing --Financing agreement Implementation --External Assistance Management and Report (EAMR) 2011 monitoring --Public Finance Management (PFM) Annual Monitoring Report 2011 --Implementation and monitoring report and Background Conclusion Sheet (BCS) in results-oriented monitoring system (ROM) Evaluation --(joint) evaluation
The strategy is based upon a review of the current degree of gender mainstreaming of the SBSP and takes into account ongoing initiatives in the Rwandan agriculture sector itself (alignment) as well as initiatives taken by other development partners (harmonisation).
Gender mainstreaming in the SBSP Agriculture in Rwanda
In what follows we take stock of the degree to which gender equality is mainstreamed in the SBSP Agriculture in Rwanda while highlighting the main elements of the new Gender Mainstreaming Strategy which has been prepared with the aim to redress the current gaps in gender-sensitivity.
The remainder of this section focuses on the actual degree of application of these guidelines in the SBSP Agriculture in Rwanda and on the main elements of the Gender Mainstreaming Strategy.
In line with the gender-sensitivity of the 2007 budget support guidelines discussed above, gender issues in the Rwandan SBSP Agriculture are 'best' captured in the documents which relate to the programming phase and more specifically the CSP.
In addition, the Gender Mainstreaming Strategy stipulates that for the next SBSP at least four of the seven key areas of the sector assessment have to include a gender dimension.
In line with increasing acknowledgement within the international donor community and the EC in particular (Busscher, 2011), the Gender Mainstreaming Strategy for Rwanda's SBSP lists the inclusion of a gender dimension in the variable/performance tranche of the financing agreement among its future actions.
PEF Director Bushra expressed the satisfaction that SBSP program is helping the lowcost private schools to improve their educational level.
In fact, SBSP has proved a great boon for lowcost private schools who cannot afford highly qualified teaching faculty due to pecuniary constraints, she added.