SBSSSpace-Based Space Surveillance
SBSSStandard Base Supply System
SBSSScience-Based Stockpile Stewardship (US nuclear weapons' maintenance & certification)
SBSSSmall Business Source System
SBSSSouth Bristol Speleological Society (UK)
SBSSSmall Business Support Services
SBSSState Board of Social Services (Colorado)
SBSSSprott Business Students' Society (Canada)
SBSSStealth Bullet Shooting Society
SBSSShanghai Bureau of State Security
SBSSSoftware-Based Secondary System
SBSSSt Bernard State School (Gold Coast, Australia)
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The SBSS "includes radio stations, control stations, and network connections that enable the [Surveillance and Broadcast Services] to operate.
The four services' data are placed in separate messages symbolized by the red arrows and sent back-and-forth via radio (the triangles are antennas) between the SBSS ground station and fully-equipped ADS-B aircraft.
The SBSS satellite and ground system have now completed final testing.
The SBSS program originated from conceptual studies begun during the early 1970s, when it became obvious that the number of man-made objects in deep space would increase dramatically over the next twenty years.
The Gateway SBSS will be available in early March priced from GBP2,439.
com's software products to implement business-to-business processes that leverage the power and flexibility of Fair, Isaac's CrediTable and SBSS scoring models.
COMPANY RESULT: SBSS INC SBSS Inc, the Chicago, Illinois analytical software company, has reported third quarter net profits of $3.
Safety, reliability, and environmental monitoring are integral elements of the SBSS program.
The SBSS complex is an effort to advance nuclear weapons research through the use of "virtual" explosions-though no single SBSS facility offers a complete "substitute" for full-scale nuclear blasts.
Small spacecraft looking out, tracking the objects and that will give us kind of the vacuum cleaner, and if it works, we're going to build the space-based space surveillance follow-on, SBSS follow-on, shortly after that and put it all together.
This includes the SBSS, AFEMS, and equipment requirements systems (D039, ERS, and D200C).