SBTCSouthern Baptists of Texas Convention
SBTCState Blood Transfusion Council (India)
SBTCSkill-Biased Technological Change
SBTCSkill-Biased Technical Change
SBTCSlow Boat to China
SBTCStaffordshire Bull Terrier Club (UK)
SBTCSpeed Brake/Thrust Controller (US NASA)
SBTCSmall Business Technology Coalition
SBTCSo Be the Child
SBTCShall Be The Conqueror
SBTCSerene Bastards of Tarbae Chaos (gaming)
SBTCMinistry of Small Business, Tourism, and Culture (Canada)
SBTCSaved By the Cross
SBTCSeattle Bicycle Touring Club (Seattle, Washington)
SBTCStream-Based Trace Compression
SBTCSleeping Bear Trading Company (Michigan)
SBTCSolid Bare Tinned Copper (grounding connections)
SBTCStockport Binocular & Telescope Centre, Ltd (UK)
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The second index that we employ is the Tax Foundation's SBTC index.
Considering the SBTC hypothesis and some data collected by Manpower (2013), there are labor shortages in highly skilled jobs associated with the lack of training in these specific skills.
As Paul Krugman recently wrote, "While one still encounters people invoking skill-biased technological change as an explanation of rising inequality and lagging wages--it's especially popular among moderate Republicans in denial about what's happened to their party and among 'third way' types lamenting the rise of Democratic populism--the truth is that SBTC has fared very badly over the past quarter-century, to the point where it no longer deserves to be taken seriously as an account of what ails us.
Using this simplified closed economy setting, we explore in Section III the effects of RBTC and show under which conditions it can indeed rationalize most of the recent empirical findings; we also show in this section why SBTC and the demand-composition shift hypothesis fail to account for the stylized facts.
However, the SBTC hypothesis fails to explain the increase in the share of low-skill occupations.
For nearly a decade, NSBA and SBTC has been fighting a major stalemate over proposals that would have dramatically changed the SBIR program.
These different patterns of changes, like those observed in Continental Europe itself, call for a critical view of the SBTC hypothesis (Atkinson, 2007).
The Health Minister Punjab Government, Mr Satpal Gosain has himself awarded the University with the citation of acclamation under the signatures of Principal Secretary Health cum President SBTC, Punjab, Mr Satish Chandra, IAS.
First, I shall summarise the main facts about inequality changes and discuss the main messages emerging from recent research on wage inequality, focusing on what the SBTC approach can and cannot explain.
Empirical tests also confirmed the prediction by theoretical studies that outsourcing had quantitatively similar effects as SBTC on the increase in wage inequality between skilled and unskilled workers (see the survey by Crino, 2009).
SBTC as the source for the growing wage gap (especially since 1980) does have its critics (for example, Card and DiNardo 2002).