SBTISigma Breakthrough Technologies, Inc.
SBTIScottish Book Trade Index (National Library of Scotland; UK)
SBTISoy Bean Trypsin Inhibitor
SBTISmall Business Training Institute (various locations)
SBTIState Bank Training Institute (Pakistan)
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Four serine-protease inhibitor types were used (TLCK, PMFS, SBTI and Ovo), where TLCK and SBTI showed a more trypsin-like affinity for enzyme inhibitors.
SBTI (soybean trypsin inhibitor), TPCK (N-tosyl-L-phenyl -chloromethyl ketone), PMSF (phenylmethylsulfonyl fluoride), TLCK (N[alpha]-tosyl-L-lysine chloromethyl ketone hydrochloride), Phen (1.
The procedure was essentially as above, but fixing the concentration of titrated SBTI (13 [micro]mol [1.
Table 2 Effect of different inhibitors on the activity of trypsin-like proteases isolated from Panulirus argus % Inhibition Inhibitor Final Target PaTI PuT2 concentration protease SBTI 10 [micro]mol Serine 99.
Se utilizo la tincion con SBTI-Alexa488 (SBTI trypsin inhibitor from soybean, Alexa Fluor[R] 488 conjugate, Molecular Probes, Cat # T-23011) y anticuerpos antiacrosina (Antimouse Green Alexa Fluor, Molecular Probes, Cat # A- 21006) a fin de demostrar la eficiencia del SBTI como marcador de reaccion acrosomal.
The partnership will focus on integrating SBTI's unique roadmaps, instructional modules, and best practice templates with the EnterpriseTrack system for customers as well as for SBTI to use internally.
More eggs had bound sperm in the SBTI treatment than in the control treatments for both trial A (G = 12.
Salt Lake City: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, 1995) suggests links with the Laurie family of Stirling from 1789--however none of the Lauries in the SBTI, who were active in that period, hailed from Stirling.
Under her leadership we have met and exceeded our financial targets," says an SBTI client, regarding their SBTI trained and certified Six Sigma Master Black Belt.
Symantec's partnerships with organizations like the SBTI have given us the opportunity to conduct research and create tools that allow us to lead the way in providing small businesses with the right resources to truly be secure.
Loreno Raimondi, President of Global said, "Due to increased demand Global's secure exchange solutions and Security Biomentrics strategic business focus, we have decided to expand our agreement with SBTI, to cover all of North America.