SBTPSchool Based Training Program (Philippines)
SBTPSurface-Based Test Plan
SBTPSortie Based Training Plan (USMC plan for managing aviation training program)
SBTPSandy Beach Trading Post (Camp Yawgoog, BSA)
SBTPSociete Bryarde de Travaux Publiques (France)
SBTPSociedade de Bobinados de Transformadores, Portugal
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National Coordinator, SBTP Prof Hasan Abbas Zaheer in his concluding remarks thanked the participants and speakers for their active participation.
Administrator Blood Bank FGPC Dr Sharif Astori said that the SBTP was implementing a capacity building plan aimed at creating a suitably qualified workforce, well equipped to adequately operate both in the new system and in the current reality.
Zaheer, Project Director, SBTP, informed that the German funded Islamabad Regional Blood Center will be constructed in a central location in Islamabad in the vicinity of new hospital, health institutes, colleges and universities.
He said since its establishment in 2010, the SBTP has been able to deliver a series of outputs which have significantly contributed to improvement in blood safety standards and establish strong bonds among the national stakeholders.
He said the SBTP was also implementing a capacity building plan
Based on the impressive project implementation, despite administrative challenges the German government committed to finance the SBTP Phase II also with and additional grant of euro 10 Million.
He said that the SBTP was initiated in 2010 that has now started bearing fruit and created a platform for all the stakeholders in the sector of blood transfusion.
He said that SBTP has now been developed into a very impressive public health programme and was being successfully implemented not only at the federal level but also in all the provinces.
The match was organized by SBTP in collaboration with the World Health Organization (WHO), says a press release issued here.
Hasan Abbas Zaheer, National Coordinator SBTP presented the wining trophy and medals to the players.
Hasan Abbas Zaheer, National Coordinator, SBTP, said since 2010, the German Government has supported the implementation of a programme for safe blood transfusion with a volume EUR 17.