SBUHStony Brook University Hospital (Long Island, NY)
SBUHSanta Barbara Urban Hydrograph (civil engineering)
SBUHSauce Be Upon Him
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The system will enable SBUH to eliminate paper reporting forms, and the cumbersome and manual processes currently used in Environmental Health & Safety, Timekeeping and Employee Health & Wellness and enable them to move to a single automated software solution.
Stony Brook University Hospital ( SBUH or Hospital ) is seeking Proposals for this RFP (Request for Proposals) from qualified vendors for the supply, installation, implementation and provision of training for and maintenance of a pediatric and infant security system for multiple locations including SBUH and Southampton Hospital.
SBUH wants one vendor handling our operational data and Protect Health Information (PHI) and only one Business Associate Agreement in order to meet our needs (no downstream partners; no sub-Business Associates).
Stony Brook University Hospital ( SBUH or Hospital ) is seeking Bidders for this Request For Proposals (RFP) requesting proposals from qualified vendors to purchase, install, implement, and provide maintenance of a Real Time Location System/Radio Frequency Identification (RTLS/RFID) solution in order to provide electronic monitoring of mobile assets including but not limited to people, equipment and environmentals.