SBVState Bank of Vietnam
SBVSistema Bibliotecario del Vimercatese (Itay)
SBVSchweizerischer Baumeisterverband (German)
SBVSwift Boat Vets
SBVSmithsonian Business Ventures
SBVSpace-Based Visible
SbVPentavalent Antimony (pharmacology)
SBVSociedade Brasileira de Virologia (Brasil)
SBVStandby vessel (offshore drilling)
SBVSociedade Brasileira de Vácuo (Brasil)
SBVShield Block Value (World of Warcraft)
SBVSilent But Violent
SBVShared Business Vocabulary
SBVSingle-Barrier Varactor
SBVSingle Binocular Vision
SBVSuckler Beef Value (profit index)
SBVSelling and Buying Volume
SBVSailboard Vacations (est. 1986)
SBVStructure Borne Vibration Manual
SBVSouth Birmingham Vineyard (UK)
SBVState Bank of Vassar (Vassar, Michigan)
SBVSoftware Based Verifier
SBVStandard Bank, Barclays and Volkskas
SBVSimply Best Value
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To further stimulate green lending, SBV has released a Green Project Catalogue which defines green sectors, and plans to publish guidelines on reporting green finance flows.
George Caldow, Head of SAC Consulting Veterinary Services, said: "Each farm acts only as sentinel to SBV virus activity in the local area and circumstances vary from farm to farm with regard to virus spread and midge activity.
SBV Engineering was formed in December 2014 after the administration of another company.
SBV uses hydrogen peroxide gas to bio-decontaminate on the two mating surfaces before product transfer.
Businesses interested in SBV funding must be based and owned in the U.
But in a statement, KPMG said it "became clear this month" that SBV "could not continue to service its liabilities, particularly given the burden imposed by the amounts owing from the collapse of SSI, and so administrators were appointed to the business.
During the 2013 vector season and the following winter, SBV cases were detected only sporadically (only SBV genome detections without successful virus isolation) (5).
Does dim prawf y gall SBV achosi unrhyw anhwylder i'r hil ddynol ond anogir merched beichiog i fod yn wyliadwrus wrth drafod anifeiliaid fferm.
The first SBV vaccine, developed by the animal health company Merck MSD, is expected to be available to UK farmers in the summer.
He added: "Farmers should continue to exercise vigilance, particularly when moving animals on to their farm, and should consider testing breeding stock for the SBV antibody.
To cool down the local surging gold demand, the SBV allowed the Saigon Jewelry Company (SJC), who is entrusted by the SBV as the sole gold bar processor in Vietnam, to process 350,000 taels of Gold, equivalent to 13 tons, to fill in the local shortage of Gold supply.
They are worried because tupping time is fast approaching in some areas and the most critical infective period for SBV is the first 30 days of pregnancy.