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SBVPSingular Boundary Value Problems
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It is obvious that the contribution made by the second approximation of the solution of the SBVP is significant in terms of the complication of analytic expressions; however, it contains terms that do not depend on the correlation functions and which can be neglected during numerical integration due to the insignificance of their contribution to the values of the moments.
It presumes that mechanical properties of microstructural components are defined with conventional phenomenological equations and criteria while microscopic strain and stress fields are computed using the solutions of stochastic boundary value problems (SBVPs) with rapidly oscillating coefficients.
When a small difference exists in the two BVs in one group of SBVP, IA is close to 0 and the asymmetry level of these two impedance data is relatively low and vice versa.
This procedure revealed the relationship of SBVP between [U.sub.i'j'] and [U.sub.i,j].
The EIT data from the two hemispheres utilized to evaluate craniocerebral impedance asymmetry were transformed into symmetrical boundary voltage pairs (SBVPs) as follows.