SBXSnowboard Cross
SBXSea-Based X-Band Radar (missile defense)
SBXSports Bet Express
SBXSodium Borate (wood preservative treatment)
SBXSouth Bay Expressway (toll road; San Diego, CA)
SBXSigma Beta Xi Sorority, Inc.
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1 July 2014 - Swiss Roche (VTX:ROG; OTCMKTS:RHHBY) said last week it had made a strategic investment in Seattle-based biotech company Stratos Genomics and formed a research partnership to support the development of Stratos' Sequencing By Expansion (SBX) technology, used for single molecule sequencing of DNA fragments using protein nanopores.
SBX is running a number of local projects to encourage youngsters to exercise, for instance, and also has plans for an urban sports coaching academy.
The Baker Perkins SBX Master twin-screw extruder is available in a range of outputs between 250 and 2,300 kg/hour of snacks or cereals.
The sbX system includes an IGT Floor Manager, which integrates with the company's casino-based AVP machines.
International Game Technology (IGT) (NYSE:IGT) on Wednesday announced the installation of its sbX system at High Winds Casino in Miami, Oklahoma.
The SBX radar is a major component of the ground-based midcourse defense, the sole U.S.
The SBX radar is mounted on a mobile, ocean-going oil-drilling platform designed to provide a powerful sensor that can be positioned to cover any spot on the globe.
As part of its effort to develop a global ballistic missile defense (BMD) system, the Department of Defense (DOD) has modified three Navy cruisers and 15 Navy destroyers for BMD operations, and has deployed a large BMD radar--the Sea-Based X-Band Radar (SBX)--on a modified floating oil platform.
The Rosemount analytical SBX 1000 integrates an oxygen probe and field electronics into one package, as the latest in its family of reliable flue gas oxygen analyzers.
In 2004, the Army SDO notified Small Business X (SBX) (16) that it was suspended based upon a criminal information filed in a U.S.