SBZSmart Basket Zip
SBZSowjetische Besatzungszone (Soviet Sector of Germany)
SBZStream Buffer Zone (mining)
SBZSchweizer Briefmarken Zeitung (German: Swiss Stamp Magazine)
SBZShould Be Zero
SBZSport Bike Zone (online forum)
SBZScrap Brain Zone (Sonic 1 level)
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Like the Middle Eocene assemblage, this assemblage also cannot be further subdivided into SBZ 19 and SBZ 20 due to low diversity (Fig.
This assemblage corresponds to the SBZ 5and is considered to be Ilerdian in age.
The biostratigraphic analysis of the Panoba Formation based on benthic foraminifera suggests that the Formation was deposited in basal Ilerdian time, equivalent to larger benthic zones SBZ 5 and 6 and planktic foraminiferal zones E1 and E2 (part).
The fact that the special camps of the SBZ were administratively separated from GULAG and GUPVI until 1948 mirrors the high degree of differentiation that characterized Soviet penal policies.
Contract award notice: New distribution of the student promotion of the SBZ Unterschleiheim
Dann wurde er 1945 in der SBZ thuringischer Landesleiter fur das Bibliothekswesen und war als SED-Mitglied bald auch fur die Lizenzierung der Verlage zustandig.
2013) have identified SBZ 3 Biozone within the Lockhart Limestone however in this detailed study local biozones BF1 is recognized (Fig.
Key Words: Chorgali, Jhalar, Kala Chitta, Shallow benthic Biozones SBZ, Kohat-Potowar, Alveolina, Nummulites
Jager gives a plain, neutral explanation for the allegiance, in the 1970s and 1980s, of well-known GDR authors, including Stefan Heym and Volker Braun, to cultural aspects of the SBZ and early GDR, including particularly the nearly forgotten Schwarzenberg Republic that preceded the Soviet occupation of Western Saxony.
A comparison of Larger Benthic Foraminiferal Biozones of the Margalla Hill Limestone with the Nummulitid Biozones of Schaub (1981), suggests Assilina (1981), which is equivalent to the Alveolina carbarica Biozone of Hottinger (1960) and SBZ 8biozone of Serra-Kiel et al.
Contract notice: BIM_Double track expansion Homburger Damm; Construction engineering, SBZ 3-5, Construction main measure.