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SBUSSystem Bus
SBUSSoftware Blocking Unblocking Sending
SBUSSerial Bus
SBUSSecond Bank of the United States (1816-1836)
SBUSSub Business Unit
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Major four SBUs are - manufacturing of steel barrels for industrial packaging (IP) products, greases & lubricants (GL) and service based activities such as logistics management (LM) and travel & tours (TT).
The SBUS certainly could influence its own circulation, which made up around 25 percent of all notes issued by banks.
But as businesses change and as capital gets allocated differently, then SBUs will have to adjust or go out of business.
Fehrman will direct this SBU, which at more than 70% represents the largest single portion of FNA's business, for at least the next year until the concept is established.
The latest digital signage products available through Tech Data's Pro A/V SBU include:
Tech Data's AIDC/RFID SBU supports a complete line of Intermec solutions, including RFID scanners, label printers and supplies; secure networking hardware and management software; wireless handhelds, tablet PCs and printers; and data capture wands, scanners and barcode printers.
Offering dedicated sales, technical and product management resources, the AppleAdvantage SBU provides specialized expertise resellers can leverage to more profitably develop, sell and support Apple-based solutions.
Our financial business plan is to capitalize SSSU and each of the SBUs with the capital to compete in the real estate markets and entertainment market initially.
It is our immediate goal to capitalize the SBUs and develop the business of each.
We chose the particular SBUs to vertically integrate the business model of SSSU.
Tech Data's SBUs focus on the specific needs of resellers serving markets such as components, document imaging, POS/data capture, professional audio/video, supplies and accessories, and telephony.
The current Automotive Systems Group resulted from the combination of the earlier SBUs of the then Automotive Systems Group and Engine and Fluid Management Group in March 2004.