SC1Standard Clean 1 (part of RCA wafer clean process)
SC1Service Center 1 (software; Native Instruments Gmbh; Berlin, Germany)
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4] SC1 525 1800 451 1291 SC2 1294 2482 2700 2321 SC3 2 5 4 4 SC4 20479 23197 21821 40378 SC5 5 10 3 6 SC6 12% 14% 6% 10% SC7 40% 60% 40% 70% SC8 4 5 5 3 SC9 6 6 5 6 SC10 1524 1274 1870 2035 Candidate station [ST.
La secuencia de puntos en el NMDS de ordenes y Bray-Curtis fue PF2, PF1 y SC3 con valores negativos y SC1, SC2, PF3, SA3, SA2 y SA1 con valores positivos.
Of course, one might find SC1 more attractive than SC2, perhaps because one finds it more in line with common language use: If we consider one outcome as being better for someone than another outcome, then we are normally prepared to conclude that the other outcome would be worse for that person (and not just that it is worse).
To validate that the location of the scattering center corresponds to the place where perpendicular back-reflection occurs, the simulated Doppler frequency curve of sliding scattering center SC1 is compared with the real signatures in TFR of backscattered signal from the extended target, as shown in Figs.
Appendix B of the actual SC1 specification lists the documents that are common to both ISO 14000 and ISO 9000.
It is observed that the only common available channel for nodes k and l is SC1.
Satisfaction SC1 The Internet provides Wang (2003) content that exactly fits my needs.
The VXi TalkPro headsets are offered at a suggested retail price of USD129/USD139 for the VXi TalkPro USB models, USD149/USD159 for the VXi TalkPro UC models and USD79 for the VXi TalkPro SC1 model.
Southern Outdoor Technologies' original hunting condo, the SC1 has been redesigned in 2010 to offer additional leg and elbow room.
81% respectively, and the corresponding semi coke samples were named SC1 (400 [degrees]C), SC2 (520 [degrees]C), SC3 (700 [degrees]C), SC4 (900 [degrees]C), and SC5 (equilibrium temperature).