SC2003Supercomputer Conference 2003
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SC2003 is a venue for announcing new technologies and events.
used SC2003 as a forum to promote the announcement of its Blue Gene/L prototype.
also used SC2003 to demonstrate the relative ease with which supercomputers can now be assembled.
The T640 and T320 platforms formed the core of the network, which handled all SC2003 network traffic, including supercomputer applications being run by researchers participating in the conference.
InMon's Traffic Server is being used to monitor and manage the SC2003 SCinet show network.
SC2003 is sponsored by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Computer Society and by the Association for Computing Machinery's Special Interest Group on Computer Architecture.
SC2003 continues the 15-year Supercomputing Conference tradition of highlighting the most innovative developments in high-performance computing and networking.
Our NAMD demonstration at SC2003 underscores InfiniCon's leadership in the HPC market, established by the readiness of our InfinIO product suite to support large scale, real world application deployments.
SC2003 attendees will be able to see a real-time graphical simulation of a glycerol molecule entering a cell through a membrane protein - and view data that compares how the InfiniBand-based InfinIO 3000 fabric measures up against performance and scaling data from alternative interconnect technologies, such as Gigabit Ethernet.
SC2003 highlights the most innovative developments in high-performance computing and networking, bringing together scientists, engineers, researchers, educators, programmers, system administrators and managers.
Grid Broker - which enables users to submit, monitor, and view the results of computing tasks in queue - will be interfacing four distributed clusters at SC2003 containing a total of 224 processors.
org, the network built to support the SC2003 High Performance Network and Computing Conference.