SCAAPState Criminal Alien Assistance Program (US Dept of Justice, Bureau of Justice Assistance)
SCAAPSpecial Commonwealth Assistance for Africa Programme (India)
SCAAPScience Club Advisers Association of the Philippines
SCAAPScranton Army Ammunition Plant (US Army)
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SCAAP in Jeddah currently tends to 400 infected people, including 10 children who inherited the virus from their mothers during fetal development.
As shown in Table 1, SCAAP funding, even for the most SCAAP-dependent states, constitutes less than five percent of annual budget allocations for state incarceration programs.
According to figures compiled by the Board of Supervisors, SCAAP reimbursement for the county fell from $34 million to $11.
Earlier this month President Bush eliminated SCAAP funding in his FY 2007 budget proposal.
While SCAAP and Byrne were able to stave off the chopping block during the long and arduous fiscal year 2003 appropriations proceedings (SCAAP was funded at $250 million as compared with $565 million in fiscal year 2003 and the formula grant component of Byrne was funded at $500 million in both fiscal year 2003 and fiscal year 2004), these programs are far from safe.
The SCAAP program, first authorized by the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1990 and amended by the 1994 Crime Act, partially reimburses states and localities for the costs of incarcerating undocumented criminals.
said she also will offer an amendment to increase SCAAP funding when the bill hits the Senate if the level included is insufficient.
In the proposed budget Bush released Monday, funding for SCAAP - which helps states cover the costs of jailing criminal illegal immigrants - gets wiped out.
First, it would eliminate the SCAAP program and the reimbursements it provides for states and localities to house illegal alien offenders.
The bill reverses ICE's timid efforts to cut back payments to sanctuary jurisdictions under the SCAAP program.
The State Criminal Alien Assistance Program, or SCAAP, is likely to fall into one of those categories.
This bill will give no new SCAAP funding for all the new non-criminal immigrants the local police will have to hold in their jails and prisons," she said.