SCAASSociedad Cooperativa de Asesores para el Avance Social (Spanish: Cooperative Society for the Advancement of Social Advisors; Mexico)
SCAASStrategic Communication And Alerting System
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Installing the SCAAS User Registry first requires the UserAccounts.
NET Application also needs to be installed on every machine running SCAAS compliant ASP.
NET Application needs to be installed to maintain the SCAAS User Registry.
What it dictates is that the value in the <appSettings> section of the entry <add key="SCAASAllPrivs_UserAccounts value="> is the encrypted connection string that the SCAAS Framework uses to create a SQL Server connection for the SCAASAllPrivs user for the UserAccounts SqlServer database.
Once the above three system components are installed and configured for the SCAAS framework, the Web developer needs to determine which mode the application is to be implemented between the FormsAuthentication mode and the PassiveAuthentication mode.
Protected void Application_Start(Object sender, EventArgs e) { // Initialize all SCAAS specific HttpApplicationState level items SCAASManagerHelper.
Note that because the application is a SCAAS compliant application, it will always need the SCAASAllPrivs_User Accounts encrypted string.
Sub Application_Start(ByVal sender As Object, e As EventArgs) // Initialize all SCAAS specific HttpApplicationState level items SCAASManagerHelper.
The final step in implementing the SCAAS framework is to add users/roles with the SCAASAdmin ASP.
The idea that non-authenticated users can see any part of the application implies that the application will be using the PassiveAuthentication mode of the SCAAS system.
Because the SCAAS Framework is tightly integrated with Microsoft's Forms Authentication model (not to be confused with the SCAAS FormsAuthentication mode), many of the inherited ASP.
It can be easily seen how this can be used in the SCAAS compliant applications.