SCAASSociedad Cooperativa de Asesores para el Avance Social (Spanish: Cooperative Society for the Advancement of Social Advisors; Mexico)
SCAASStrategic Communication And Alerting System
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The AFP currently approves requests for the activation of the SCAAs by LGUs.
Purisima assured the lawmakers that the AFP is continuously improving its policies and mechanisms on the activation or deployment of SCAAs to deter abuses perpetrated by some politicians.
Romeo Acop, a former police comptroller, said the AFP may consider three options on how to address Jalosjos' concern: deactivate the SCAA in Zamboanga del Norte, strengthen its control over the SCAAs or request the Commission on Elections to take control of the entire province during the election period.
"Allowing the LGUs with blatant authority to deploy SCAA during the period of elections will always be used and abused by LGUs in terrorizing the electorate as a way of gaining political advantage," he explained, adding that there is no need to deploy an SCAA force in his province because of the low-security threat assessment in the area.
With SCaaS, the idea would be to have one or several players investing in the deployment of small cells in a particularly crowded place.
By proposing SCaaS to other (competing) carriers, initial investment would then be mitigated.
Ericsson notably made an announcement at the Mobile World Congress related to its own SCaaS proposition.
As of SCaa, other parties can also provide it and vendors are already entering this market.
This is the core of the SCAAS run-time application and a .NET library written in C#.
This is a Microsoft SQL database named UserAccounts that provides the basis for the SCAAS User Registry.
This is the ASP.NET application developed to update the SCAAS User Registry.
This is the utility application that is vital to get the SCAAS run-time to operate correctly.