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SCABSSalt Comes after Barnacle Shavings (SpongeBob SquarePants)
SCABSSociety of Chemistry and Biomolecular Sciences (Macquarie University; Australia)
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He had gotten used to being a master of men; and because of the stifling heat and the stench, and the fact that he was a "scab" and knew it and despised himself.
A FARMER has been convicted of animal welfare offences after dozens of sheep carcases were found littering his fields, many showing signs of sheep scab.
One thing worth being aware of, though, is that most scabs on cats are caused by parasite bites, not cat bites.
Kath Leather A This sounds like a case of crab apple scab - a classic symptom of this fungal disease is when the leaves develop velvety blotches and fall prematurely.
If scabs are present, it would be worth getting Krystal checked by a vet as he may require antibiotics or antiinflammatories, particularly if the scabs are getting worse.
However the condition is thought to be easily cured with a cream - however pictures of the OAP show her covered in scabs.
This same group of scabs also filed two complaints with the Department of Labor and Employment at the behest of PAL.
Scabs were soaked overnight in sterile water for sufficient moistening so that under surface of scab was used to make effective impression smears by firmly pressing this surface on to microscope slide.
They describe how research on the surface structure of natural scabs served as inspiration for developing a "cytophilic" wound dressing material.
Scabs are such a classic childhood ailment that it's a surprise to see an adult covered in what Wikipedia elegantly defines as "hard coatings on the skin formed during the wound-healing reconstruction phase".
Conservative governments, in power at both state and federal level in the three states, promised the scabs preference and protection.