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SCADASupervisory Control and Data Acquisition
SCADASystem Control and Data Acquisition (manufacturing)
SCADAState of California Auto Dismantlers Association (est. 1959; Sacramento, CA)
SCADASouth Carolina Automobile Dealers Association
SCADASupervisory Control and Data Analysis
SCADASouthern California Asian Deaf Association (est. 1999)
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8220;We decided to launch the online survey to gather insight about the future of SCADA, and the effect the new technology is having on SCADA systems like the cloud,” stated Nelissen.
Stuxnet is a highly sophisticated designer-virus that wreaks havoc with SCADA system, and the Stuxnet virus is thought to have caused severe damage to Iranian uranium enrichment facilities which reportedly set back the nation's nuclear program several years.
With the real-time capabilities of the SCADA software, flashing lamps on a switchgear annunciator panel also flash on the SCADA display allowing real-time notification of system anomalies.
Large SCADA systems are capable of handling thousands of signals every second.
For many SCADA networks, implementing a monitoring system that includes visibility of remote isolated sites is cost prohibitive or impossible.
Modern SCADA systems generally provide server-thin client remote access, allowing any type of PC or other similar device to remotely access the main SCADA system.
The entire solution is implemented non-intrusively with an existing SCADA system.
Simply put, a manager wants to ensure the SCADA system is capable of dealing with as many threats as possible.
The common inclination is to convert the existing SCADA graphics, with which the controllers are already familiar, to minimize changes, save money and reduce training time.
Last month, FPUD's board unanimously agreed to offer a three-year contract to SCADA Integrations, which is based in Carlsbad, for up to $75,000 annually.