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SCADSStamp Collectors Against Dodgy Sellers
SCADSSupplemental Corridor Air Defense System
SCADSSmall Capacity Distributed System
SCADsSmall Capillary and Arteriolar Dilatation
SCADSScalable Directory Services
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For his part, HE Mohammed Saif Al-Hameli expressed his delight at the signing of the SLA and the opportunity to cooperate with a reputable institution like SCAD, adding that GPSSA cooperation is driven the Authoritys realization that statistical contribute to sound decision making, thereby supporting the Governments development plans being put into effect by our wise government for the for the common good of the nation and the generation to come.
The first description of SCAD was published in 1931 and it was based on the autopsy findings of a 42-year old woman, who had passed away suddenly after a severe chest pain [5].
But SCADS did not say whether this was why animals had been freed.