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SCAFSystème de Combat Aérien Futur (French: Future Military Combat Aircraft)
SCAFSeed Capital Assistance Facility (UN Environment Programme)
SCAFSudden Cardiac Arrest Foundation (heart health; Wexford, PA)
SCAFStanding Committee on Administration and Finance (Indian Ocean Trade Commission)
SCAFSupreme Council of the Armed Forces (Egypt)
SCAFSwitched Capacitor Filter (integrated circuits)
SCAFStanwood-Camano Area Foundation (Puget Sound, WA)
SCAFService Control Agent Function
SCAFSociete Centrale d'Aviculture de France
SCAFStockholm Cohort-Study of Atrial Fibrillation (Stockholm, Sweden)
SCAFSolar City Air Filtre (air pollution)
SCAFSelf-Consistent Anisotropic Field
SCAFSechelt Community Associations Forum
SCAFSt. Croix Animal Friends (Hudson, WI)
SCAFSurrey Countryside Access Forum (UK)
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He was the youngest member of theA SCAF during theA 2011 revolution, having served as the head of military intelligence.
Project name : Trustee for Seed Capital Assistance Facility SCAF II
The question over the SCAF amendment arose when two individuals were arrested in the Nile Delta city of Damanhour in possession of an unlicensed machine gun.
Before the election of President Morsi SCAF in consultation with the SCC had issued an addendum which sought to enhance the judiciary's role along with its own and to weaken the role of the President.
President Mursi saw his opportunity and moved swiftly to end an abnormal situation where he had to share power with SCAF.
In addition to dismissing Tantawi and Sami Anan, the army's chief of staff, Morsi nullified a constitutional measure, issued by the SCAF, that sought to enshrine greater autonomy for the SCAF by giving the body ultimate authority over issues related to the military.
General Mohamed El-Assar, a SCAF member, was appointed deputy defense minister and Rada Mahmoud Hafez as minister of state for military production.
Many of the gaps are likely to be filled in political practice--often unilaterally by the SCAF according to its needs of the moment.
By decree, the SCAF has extended its control to encompass legislative as well as military affairs until parliamentary elections are re-held.
Mahmoud Higazi, a member of the SCAF, said talk of A possible withdrawal of the recent constitutional declaration is out of the question, asserting that the declaration will remain until a new constitution is in place.
The SCAF told parliament earlier this month that it has been dissolved and banned its members from entering the house.
Although they acknowledged the SCAF would have a monopoly on all law-making powers and control of the national budget, they said the new president would retain a veto over any new laws.