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In his excellent Maps of Paradise, Alessandro Scafi confronts one such exceptional trajectory, critically examining the preoccupation of Christian theologians and image makers from late antiquity to the enlightenment with situating the Garden of Eden upon the terrestrial globe.
Chapter one: "Paradise Nowhere and Everywhere" surveys the prevalence and variety of paradisiacal ideologies across cultures, moving succinctly from the ancient Near East, to early Islam, to the atheistic utopia of John Lennon's "Imagine." Most usefully, in presenting a diversity of views, Scafi underscores the distinctiveness of the (largely Latin) Christian tradition that lies at this book's core.
This is the fifteenth contract between Scafi and Damen.
Scafi ordered the new 32 metre state-of-the-art ASD 3212 tug as part of its programme of continuous fleet renewal and improvement of quality.
For example, Scafi looks at the concept of paradise in the Muslim world which is a garden in heaven or jannah in Islam.
Instead of dismissing belief in a paradise on earth as a picturesque legend and the cartography of paradise as an example of superstition, Alessandro Scafi explores the intellectual conditions that made the medieval mapping of paradise possible.
Though the description of the garden of Eden furnished by scripture runs to just eight verses, as Alessandro Scafi points out in this excellent new volume, situating this, the most fundamental of all places, within the space defined by a map has both engaged and frustrated cartographers for some two millennia.
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Dr Alessandro Scafi, Professor Dan Terkla and Dominic Harbour will discuss the Hereford Mappa Mundi (c.
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Scafi, 193-94, gives an excellent sense of the collection.